Net Neutrality Info Links

To help you decide where you stand on Net Neutrality, here are some sites to check out.

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Make up your mind, then let your voice be heard. The public comment period runs until July 15th, at which point a second phase of commenting will open up. That second phase will run for 57 days beyond that, until September 10th, and is meant to allow the public to reply to comments that the FCC received during the first phase. Traditionally, those interested in making a short comment would have to do so here, on proceeding number 14-28, and longer entries would have to be included as attachments through this larger form. But given the amount of interest the FCC is expecting, it's also set up an email address,, where it's accepting comments too in order to make the whole process a bit easier. Regardless of the method, all comments are made publicly. Comments on the proposal have technically been rolling in for months now, but the initial public comment period properly is currently running.